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General Enquiries

    Herts Plumbing - 24 Hour Emergency Service

    If you’re worried about the health and safety of your family or property due to plumbing issues, it’s essential to get in touch with Herts Plumbing to book an emergency plumber near you. To help you identify if you need an emergency plumber, we’ve listed some scenarios below:

    • Complete loss of water: The plumber can quickly identify and fix the issue to restore your water supply.
    • Low water pressure: If you notice a drop in water pressure at home, it’s best to call an emergency plumbing service before the situation worsens.
    • Burst or damaged pipework: A professional plumber can repair or replace punctured and broken pipes to prevent further damage.
    • Taps won’t turn off: If your taps won’t turn off or keep dripping, this can cause flooding, and you should contact us right away.
    • Sewer backup: Signs of sewer backup include gurgling toilets, drainage clogs, and a strong odour. If you notice any of these, it’s crucial to call an emergency plumber near you.
    • Malfunctioning boiler: If your boiler makes loud noises or turns off by itself, it’s best to call a 24-hour plumber near you. We work with Gas Safe registered plumbers who have experience dealing with gas boilers and heaters.
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